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Best Viewed With Any Browser These pages shall be readable with any browsers. For further information see anybrowser.org.

These pages use valid HTML 4.01 and CSS according to the standards set by the W3C. At the bottom of any page you can use this button: Valid HTML 4.01! to call the W3C HTML validator for this page.
The design of these pages is implemented using stylesheets (CSS). Even if your browser does not support CSS, you don´t miss any content. If you don´t like the design, most browsers allow to disable stylesheets.
Frames aren't used at all.
Javascript isn't used at all.
Java is used for some small applets. If your browser does not support Java (or it´s been deactivated), you simply can't use it. However you`ll find some prominent notice about what you are missing.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a file format for pixel images and is designed to replace the GIF format. The main problem about GIF has been the Unisys patent covering LZW compression, which is used in GIF. Therefore I had decided not to use it anymore. Further information is available at the Wikipedia.

All images on this homepage are either JPEG or PNG. If your browser does not support PNG, you will see some broken link icon only. However, all images carry ALT attributes.

Access Logs

Access to these pages is logged.

The following information is tracked:
  • client IP address and client name (by reverse DNS)
  • date and time of access
  • the URL accessed
  • the address, you are coming from (referer-url)
  • the browser version used (user-agent)

This information is solely used to satisfy my curiousness. No one will get ads.

Transmission of referer-url and user-agent can be blocked by browsers or proxies. For instance Konqueror can manipulate the user-agent depending on the domain. Mozilla can manipulate User-Agent and Referer-URL, but only independently of the domain using the keys general.useragent.override and network.http.sendRefererHeader in the file prefs.js. The offline reader wwwoffle can overwrite both fields depending on the domain.

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